Top 10 Blogs and Websites for Body Builders

As a bodybuilder, you must follow some websites to get regular updates about the fitness industry and health tips. But the problem is there is n number of blogs and websites are there choosing the best one from this is really a headache. So we put our valuable time in researching those websites and listed the ten best blogs and websites from the crowd. Now it is easier for you to choose the best blog as per your need.


Dianabolelite is a very popular website among bodybuilders. They regularly provide genuine reviews about fitness equipment and health nutrition. If you have any confusion in buying new equipment for your work out means, you can surely check this blog to clear your doubts. Those reviews are written by trained gym professionals, so you don’t need to worry.

Muscle & Brawn

Muscle and Brawn were founded by Steve Shaw. He is a power-lifter with over 30+ years of experience. He found Muscle and Brawn with the main goal of sharing his secret tips for his followers. All the tips shared on his website are followed by him and his students. In addition to those secret tips, you will also get reviews about gym equipment.

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness was founded by Steve Kambs in the year 2009. It got the name of the authority fitness blog for the past five years. At an earlier stage, he used to write only fitness tips and workout ideas only, but now he is running online coaching for his students to make them fit.

Scooby’s Workshop

Scooby’s Workshop was founded by Scooby Werkstatt. Now he is 56 years old, but age is not an issue in the fitness industry. He is regularly sharing his fitness ideas in his blog, and he doesn’t recommend buying any additional fitness equipment. Natural bodybuilding is his core idea, so he won’t recommend any supplements for your growth.

A shot of Adrenaline

Todd Kuslikis founded the A Shot of Adrenaline website; he is a popular bodybuilder in the country. He believes in building a perfect physique just by using the existing bodyweight and succeeded in it. Now he is running training programs for his valuable followers to get a great physique to stay healthy.

Gym Talk

Gym Talk was founded by Henry Croft. Henry Croft attracted me with humor sense through the Gym Talk blog. You will feel really comfortable while reading this blog, as everything mentioned very clearly. You will also get a detailed review of fitness equipment and supplement products. All the reviews are genuinely written by him, so don’t worry about the fake reviews.

Catalyst Athletics

Greg Everett founded Catalyst Athletics in the year 2006. This blog is mainly focused on Olympic weightlifting, so it will be useful for every weightlifter on the planet. They are also running online training programs to master in weightlifting activities. You can join with them to improve your weightlifting skills.

Science for Fitness

Science for Fitness was founded by Hayden William Courtland. He loves both science and fitness very much. So he found this blog to explain the science behind every fitness activity. It is a very useful blog for every bodybuilder, gym enthusiasts, etc. Like other blogs, he is also running online coaching programs to make everyone fit and healthy.

Purely Twins

Purely Twins was founded by Twins named Loris Morris and Michelle Corso. As this blog run by female twins, it is very helpful for every female on the planet. They are sharing very valuable health tips for pregnancy, recovering for eczema and acne.

Workout Nirvana

Suzanne Digre founded Workout Nirvana to share the strength training tips. It is one of the top fitness blogs on the web. Their fitness tips also help in preventing injuries and wounds. Here you will get very secret tips that are not shared on other websites.

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