Top 10 Best Keyword Rank Tracking Tools for 2020

If you are into the SEO field, then you have to do the works like keyword research, monitoring the rank of keywords, and so on. Manually doing this work will take a lot of time. So you need keyword rank tracker to keep track of ranking on regular basis.

Are you confused about choosing the best keyword rank tracking tool for your organization? Don’t worry, we did a lot of research on 30+ keyword rank trackers to create this top 10 list. So read reviews of every tool listed here and then choose the best one which suits you.

It is tough to filter the best ten keyword rank tracking tools from 30+ tools because every tool has its own set of unique features. We somehow managed to get the top 10 tools based on rank tracking frequency, platforms supported, reports generation, and supported search engines.

We categorized the top 10 keyword rank tracking tools by following three categories.

  • Solely Rank Tracking Tools
    • AWR: Advances Web Ranking
    • Authority Labs
  • Multipurpose SEO Tools
    • RankTracker
    • Ahrefs
    • Dragon Metrics
    • Semrush
    • Moz Pro
    • Linkdex
  • Enterprise Platforms
    • Searchmetrics
    • Conductor

keyword rank tracking tools

Solely Rank Tracking Tools

Solely rank tracking tools will do the rank tracking work only. You won’t get any additional features with these tools. Also, it costs almost 99$ per month with limited features.

AWR: Advances Web Ranking

AWR was introduced in the year 2002. It is suitable for the agencies who want to do the rank tracking work alone. Their pricing starts from 49$ to 499$ per month. You can use AWR in different browsers like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera.

Authority Labs

Authority Labs track keywords in different search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. You can able to track 250 keywords for 49$ per month to 5000 keywords for 450$ per month. They are also providing white-label service so you can use your company logo on reports.

Multiple users is one of its key features. It suits the organization with a lot of users who need direct access to information.

Multipurpose SEO Tools

Multipurpose SEO tools consist of keyword rank tracking, keyword research, competitor analysis, and SERP checker.


RankTracker is one of the top-rated SEO tools it provides features like Rank Tracker, Keyword Finder, SERP checker, Web Audit, and other SEO tasks. They are also providing interactive SEO reports. Their pricing starts from 8$ per month and goes up to 58$ per month. With their premium plan, multiple users can use the same account.


Ahrefs is more popular because it has a massive database of websites like google. You can able to track google results of both desktop and mobile. Also, it allows for tracking five competitors with different locations. Their pricing starts at 99$ per month with 500 keyword analysis and goes up to 999$ per month with 10,000 keyword analysis

Dragon Metrics

Dragon Metrics allows tracking of more than 20+ SERP features and provides api connection to integrate with Search Console and Google Analytics. Also, it supports search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc. Their Pricing starts from 99$ per month for 1000 keywords and goes up to 999$ per month for 10,000 keywords.


Semrush allows adding multiple versions of a single domain like subdomain, URL, and path. It provides tracking of 16 SERP features in its dashboard. You can keep track of 10 of your competitors with their premium plan. Their pricing starts from 99.95$ per month to 399.95$ per month.

Moz Pro

With Moz Pro, you can able to track rankings with search engines like Bing, Yahoo, Google, and Baidu. It provides additional features like link research, On-Page optimization, and custom reports. Their pricing starts from 99$ month for 300 keywords and goes up to 599$ per month for 4500 keywords.


In addition to rank tracking, linkdex provides search volume data, estimated traffic per keywords, and CPC of the keywords. They are giving a free trial to test their service. It is a costlier service because their pricing starts from 600$ per month.

Enterprise Platforms

Enterprise platforms are specially designed for organizations that want to manage all of their SEO works from scratch. Enterprise solutions usually track the data of content creation, rank tracking, execution strategy.


Searchmetrics allows tracking the data from more than 130 countries. So you can divide and view the reports for every country. Also, it supports most of the search engines like Baidu, Bing, Yahoo, and Google. You need to contact them by mail to get the pricing details.


Conductor is a popular tool for real-time rank tracking. You can apply filters like countries, search engines, platforms, keywords, and competitors. You need to contact them manually to get their pricing

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