Top Guide for Beginners to Car Detailing in Sydney

For any car owner, maintenance of their Car means washing it once or twice in a month, because it’s just their Car. But for a car lover, it involves much more than washing, thats detailing their Car.

For them it’s their baby. Dedicating this article to all those car lovers out there, we would like to provide you, some basic idea about car detailing. So let get into the topic.

Car Washing vs. Car Detailing.


The fundamental question that comes to your mind when you hear about car detailing is, how is it different from regular car washing? That is why we thought of answer this question keenly in the following points;

Through a regular car wash, all dirt and debris on car’s exterior part are removed. And weight of the wheels are reduced by removing all the mud that they have been carrying.

Regular car wash doesn’t care about the scratches that your Car has, the mud or dust that is inside your Car, minor cracks on your glass, finishing off the body of your car e.t.c.

Car detailing includes all these things. Once you are detailing your car, it looks just like the Car that is out from the showroom.

In a car detailing process every minor detail of your car, from the debris in your exhaust pipe to that large piece of dirt in your tires, everything will be cleaned. Your car paint is also given protection with paint protection coating.

Now you have known the difference between Car Washing and Car Detailing, you may like to try Detailing for your Car once. But before that, you surely might want to know how exactly is a ‘car detailing operation’ done? And here is your answer;

Steps involved in Car detailing:

Cleaning the exterior :

The entire cleaning process starts with the tires. Initially, tires are cleaned, then exterior of the Car is cleaned. This cleaning is done by applying the car soap and then washing it with brushes and finally cleaning with water. This step removes the dirt that your Car has been carrying over its body.

Protecting the exterior:

In this step, the Car is dried first. After drying, tire shine is sprayed on the tires to give them a glossy look that had at the time of their manufacturing. Next, paint protection coating is applied to the body of the car.

There many types of coatings available in the market, but ceramic coating is considered as the best of all. The reason is that it gives more glossy look for a longer time than usual wax coatings.

Cleaning the interior:

After getting done with the exterior, it’s now time to clean your interior. Now, dirt and debris in your car interior are removed and cleaned properly with pressurized air. And the freshener in your Car is also changed.

Interior detailing:

Once the interior is cleaned, it is now time to give that showroom shine to your interior. This is done by using some specialized tools that make the interior of your Car a shine like anything.

Since you have known about the process, not you might be thinking of trying it once. But we know what you are afraid of. About the cost and place, right? But let me tell you that your worry is not at all a big thing when our guide for beginners in sydney is here. Let us quickly know about this now;


Car detailing in Sydney:

Car detailing Sydney is a Professional and Certified Mobile Detailing service. They are specialized in Headlight Restoration, Interior and Exterior Detailing, Paint Correction, and Paint Protection within the Sydney Region. They have also approved the applicator of Nano4life Ceramic Coatings.

Here at Sydney Car Detailing Service, there is a team of committed people who can bring back the beauty of your Car at reasonable prices. With 5/5 ratings from more than hundred customers, Car detailing in Sydney is growing its business by providing its customers at most satisfaction.

One can have a look at their facebook page to know the reviews of the customers before handing over your Car to them. Thus you can give your Car that glam look by giving it to the best in the business and make your car more popular in Sydney area.

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