Top 10 Sites to Download Indonesian Songs for Free

Music is a fantastic thing that doesn’t have any language barrier. A real fan will love music in any language because it gives meaning to our lives and adds pleasant rhythm to our world.

Even though we love every language music, we struggle to download it, especially Indonesian songs. Many pain services are available, but it is a little costlier. So here we listed the top 10 free websites to download Indonesian songs.

download indonesian songs


SoundCloud is one of the popular Mp3 song download sites that allow you to stream unlimited music in any language. It is also famous for the best alternative to Spotify. In this site, you can able to download Indonesian songs too.

In this online music streaming community, content is uploaded by famous independent artists and musicians. You can search for songs through bands or artist tags in the search bar.


Mp3Juice is famous for its free download lagu MP3 service. They have a huge collection of Indonesian songs in a different genre. Once you enter the site, you can able to freely download the songs from their download section.


Songs uploaded to Jamendo Music are protected by Creative Commons licenses, which means you can safely download music offered on the website. All of the content on this site is made by independent music, so if you are looking for the main track, you may have to look at other sources or pay for it.


Lastfm implements a music recommendation system that collects data from different media players and music streaming websites to create individual profiles that are adjusted based on the user’s music tastes and listening habits. So you can download songs from any singer.

Go Song

There are many great song provider sites in Indonesia, one of which is Go Song. Almost the same as other sites, but Go song also offers high-quality mp3 downloads. There are lots of songs that you can download on this site. In fact, not only new songs but also some old songs you can still find on this site.

Trade Noise

Furthermore, there is a Noise Trade download site that does have a lot of interesting Indonesian songs that you can download. Besides downloading songs, you can also download music videos from various famous artists. The slick user interface also makes this application quite popular.

Stereogum Music

The best song download site that I can recommend is Stereogum, a very light user interface that can be used on a PC and mobile. Many users interested to download various songs, my friend can also download various music videos with very neat quality.


Next is the MP3Com, this site is very well known to provide a large selection of interesting songs with many file size options. This site has also been proven to have several advantages, such as a user interface that is easy to use and also easy to understand.


The next on our list is Indomusik, this site originating from Indonesia offers a lot of songs that you can download for free. For Indonesian music lovers, you shouldn’t forget to download songs here. This site can also be accessed easily on a PC or Smartphone.


AllMusic is a site that comes with a very simple user interface. In this site, you can see a variety of the latest song list. In addition, there is also a search field that can be utilized to find the best song. AllMusic also gives a rating count given by other users while downloading a song.


If you’re a hip-hop music enthusiast, you might want to take a look at Spinrilla. Basically, this site makes use of the treasures of mixtapes from established sites like Datpiff then they are reassembled into one interface.

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