Frequently Asked Questions

+ How long does it take to 3D print my order?

We 3D print every tree angel to order and with hand finishing this can take up to two weeks. We do this to reduce wastage and create the best quality and value for our customers.

At busier times of year, we print in advance so this can reduce to 2-3 days before dispatch.

+ When will my order be delivered?

After your order is 3D printed we will dispatch your order next day delivery to the UK and 1-3 day express delivery to the USA, and worldwide. Please allow 2+ weeks from ordering for your order to arrive.

+ Can I track my order?

If you ordered a tree angel your unique tracking number will be included in your dispatch confirmation email. Simply click the link to see the status of your item with the chosen courier. We are unable to provide any more information than you will find here.

At this time card purchases in the UK are not tracked.

+ My order has not arrived

We can only give delivery estimates and delays can happen due to customs delays, unforeseen circumstances, or excessive demand at certain times of year, such as Christmas. We can only make a claim with Royal Mail after 30 days have passed and the item has not arrived.

We can assist you sooner if the item was dispatched UPS or DPD.

+ Do you accept returns?

As every angel is 3D printed to order we are unable to accept unwanted returns, or refund orders that arrive late due to postal delays. On the rare occasion that your order arrived faulty or damaged in the post we will in the first instance aim to offer a replacement, repair or if these options are unavailable, a refund.

+ Can you create custom angels?

We are able to develop custom angels of any woman for whom there is no question of repute, whether she be world famous or closer to home. If she is available to visit the London studio the cost is far more favourable (around 50-75% less than sculpting from photographs).

+ Do you make a profit?

We operate on a very lean margin. After our operating costs, all profits are either reinvested into our projects or donated to UN Women. Our co-founders do not draw dividends and are not paid salaries. We are all dedicated volunteers.

+ Do you collaborate on other projects?

We are always excited to collaborate on projects that empower women, whether they be 3D printing related, or otherwise.

If the project does not fit with our brand or values at Women To Look Up To, i.e. 3D printing notable men; we can still help you find the right expertise through our contacts.

+ Do you make larger angels?

We can create angels up to four times the size of our standard angel, large enough to top a 20 foot tree. The prices do drastically increase as 3D printing is calculated based on volume, but also how many figures can be created at once in the printer tray.

+ Do you do discounts or sales?

We can offer discounts for purchases of multiple angels (more than 3). We do run sales occasionally, however 3D printing is a bespoke service and this means we already offer the best viable prices to ensure a high-quality product and funds to invest in our charitable activities.

+ Can I contact customer services?

You can contact us any time via email - Please allow 1-2 days for a first response as we are a small group of advocates and volunteers with day jobs.

+ Do you take journal submissions?

We prefer to publish guest writers articles and opinion pieces. So if you have a story proposal, or even a finsihed piece please email us at All we ask is that any submission celebrate women on top.

Question still not answered? 

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