Women To Look Up To: Nadiya Hussain

Tutku Barbaros wrote a stellar piece on us in the The Tung where you can read about why she thinks Nadiya Hussain is a woman we should choose to put on top of our Christmas tree in 2017. 


Here is just a little taster... 

Having been a long time supporter of her (Nadiya Hussain's) vocal social media presence which calls out injustices - I rushed to her Twitter feed to read ‘I get abuse merely for existing. Too brown to be English. Too Muslim to be British. Too Bengali to eat fish fingers!...Some days I hate myself for simply breathing the same air, that I’m so often told, I am not entitled to.’  I shed a quiet tear. That we have a media which facilitates this kind of abuse is sickening. Nadiya's ability to carry on, articulate and strong in spite of it all, is inspiring.


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Tutku Barbaros