Stop Typing. Start Writing.


Can you imagine a card-less Christmas? I can. But I don’t like it.

Let’s cast our minds back to one of those cold December mornings. Its break time, and the excitement of finding another Woolworths Christmas card in your school locker is overwhelmingly exciting. What has the digital age replaced this with? A ‘send to all’ WhatsApp message that pings through on Christmas day. Surely not. Let’s make it our mission this year to revive this charming Christmas tradition. Send a Women To Look Up To Christmas Card and make the women in your life feel more seen, more heard, more loved and wholly appreciated.

In an increasingly digital and transient world, a hand written card is something to hold on to. An electronic message briefly pierces our consciousness only to disappear into space, never to be seen again. I have often sat and read through the copious amounts of postcards and letters I have gathered throughout the years. They are a window into the past, my nostalgic triggers and items I am so thankful I still have. There is something so warming about reading the written word representing memories of years gone by.

Now I’m grown up (in theory), a letter which isn’t a bank statement or parking fine, is a welcome surprise. These days we are spending more and more time on our phones (the average teen checks their phone over 150 times a day). Instead, this Christmas lets stop typing and start writing. It is the physical act of putting pen to pen that truly brings you into the present. A deepening down activity that counteracts the vast, rapidly moving electronic world we’re living in. 

Let’s take the time and effort to write messages of empowerment and gratitude to the women we love. Remind the important women in your life just how much they do for you and how thankful you are for their support. I’m not asking you to write to your entire class, but to those special women that continually inspire you to be the best version of yourself that you can possibly be.

Lets all start writing. To each other, to strangers, to the sisterhood. Merry Christmas.






Isabella Weatherby